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What does the future hold for condo furniture?

The need for ingenuity in interior design to allow for multi-functional spaces within small condo spaces is a concept brought up in Blog #2. Furniture designer ORI is an example of a company taking functional furniture for condominiums to the next level! The products ORI design effortlessly allows for with rooms to be ultimate shapeshifters: they are bringing the Murphy bed into the technology age.

Their current collection consists of three innovative robotic interior pieces, designed specifically to make it easier to have multi-use spaces. Their vision stems in wanting to revolutionize Urban Space as it is “too valuable and scarce to be static and unresponsive.” ORI makes it their mission to see space differently and to blend function and form. They want to do more with less. All ORI products aim to maximize the efficient use of space within a home, and can be easily controlled from a convenient touchpad, a downloadable app and can even be integrated with Google Home and Alexa for voice commands! Transforming spaces at the click of a button.

The Studio Suite, the Pocket Closet, and the Cloud Bed are the three pieces that make up their current collection of automated furniture. For small spaces, like condos, the Studio Suite is the optimal choice. It can maximize usage in studio suites by creating a den or extra bedroom to make an office/bedroom space that is nice and compact and stores away with a click if guests come over!

Storage has always been an issue in small space condos. The Pocket Closet, offered in three different sizes, quickly adds extra storage space throughout a home. It can be placed in a bedroom to make a walk-in closet, a kitchen for a massive pantry or living room for some high designed extra storage.

ORI’s newest creation is the Cloud Bed which is not even officially on the market yet! It is a bed designed to ascend from the ceiling to allow for some amazing space saving. This piece would work perfectly in a den or extra bedroom to make transitioning from office to bed a breeze!

The revolutionary work ORI is doing is the type of innovation needed for the interior design industry in the 21st century, especially for condominium living!

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