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How can COVID-19 change what buyers look for in a condo suite?

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed how we operate. The childhood joke of the “personal bubble” has emerged as a reality which upended our daily lives.  Condos have come under the microscope amidst this pandemic due to the challenge of maintaining personal space in these structures.  This new reality can pose many new desired aspects buyers want to see in a condo suite design before even considering purchasing a condo; the biggest being multi-use spaces. 

With the need for more “personal space” we are likely to see a boost in popularity for two bed/two bath or one-plus-den offerings as new buildings are planned, where the extra room could be multifunctioning. The most common multi-use space seen in condo suites have come to be known as “dens” and are likely to become the new “must have” in the majority of condo units. The evolution of the den space can truly make it the new showstopper of the unit. With a potential increase in working from home to be long term, many will be looking for a space that can function as a home office/working space. As well, we could see more people looking to be able to have a home gym as communal gyms don’t leave much space for the “personal bubble” and is a breeding ground for cross-contamination. This leaves room for a lot of ingenuity in interior design in terms of how to create equipment that can be multi-use: the Murphy bed on steroids if you will. These spaces could come equipped with hideaway storage for home printers, weights and office supplies. A retractable green screen background for video conferencing and Smart TV’s serving as both personal trainer and work desktop screen may be additional features developers include in the suite to boost the functionality of the space. We will be seeing these “den” spaces needing to be developed as shapeshifters to accommodate a multitude of purposes: home office, gym, and extra bedroom being the most common. 

Amid the pandemic, calls for adequate outdoor space with condo suites are booming. Now more than ever, buyers are looking for suites that provide them their own personal outdoor balconies, Juliet balconies and/or terraces.  Private outdoor spaces where they can spend time outside relaxing, hosting guests, cooking and dining are on the top of purchasers must have lists.

As restrictions begin to be lifted, only then will we see the lingering effects this pandemic will have on changing the functionality of our daily lives. 

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